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“If one has money, it should be used to push forward the Krishna consciousness movement so that all of human society will become happy, prosperous and hopeful of being promoted back home, back to Godhead.” (S.B. 8.19.41 purport) Sri Sri Radha Govinda Mandir, depends on your support for the daily worship (nitya seva) of Sri Sri Radha Govinda-deva in the temple, maintenance of the temple devotees and facilities, as well as for the many festivals and outreach events we organize every year. Utilizing one of the most secure online payment methods on the web, you can make one-time or recurring donations via Paypal by selecting any of the links below. A Paypal account is not required to submit payment. We are grateful for your kind participation in the following services:

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. Sunday Feast Introduced by His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada in 1966, right here in New York City, the “Sunday Love Feast” instantly became a popular event. Today the Sunday Feasts are a regular event in well over 300 Hare Krishna centres world-wide. The Sunday feasts are a safe environment where devotees and friends of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness can meet, chant the Holy Name of the Lord together, discuss, and hear the philosophy surrounding the Ancient Vedic Culture of India, and take part in honoring sanctified foods that have been offered with love to Krishna the Supreme Personality of Godhead. You are invited to sponsor the feast on any given Sunday for a nominal donation of $301.00

. Sri Sri Radha Govinda Nitya Seva Nitya Seva means selfless daily service to Lord Sri Krishna. By offering Nitya Seva, the sponsor and his or her loved ones receives immense spiritual benefit daily in this material world. Everything that is offered to Krishna becomes purified and those who offer their skills and resources for Krishna’s service will receive the Lord’s greatest mercy and blessings. Those who engage in devotional seva to the Lord are extremely fortunate and this same opportunity is being offered to you. The daily services to the worshipful deities of Sri Sri Radha Govinda-deva start at 4:30 am with Mangala Arati and continue all the way to the Shayana Arati at 8:30 pm. You are invited to sponsor the daily seva, on a chosen day once or annually for a nominal donation of $251.00.

. Sri Sri Radha Govinda Raj Bhoga Seva The Raja-Bhoga, ‘Royal offering’, is offered daily to the Deities at noon. It is the most complex of the 7 meals offered every day for the Deities pleasure. Prepared by twice-initiated devotees, this offering take about 3 hours to make, and comprises of many varieties of vegetables, savories, sweets, dals, rice, breads, salads, etc. You are invited to sponsor the daily seva, on a chosen day once or annually for a nominal donation of $151.00. On the day of your sponsorship, we invite you to come to the temple with your family (up to 5 persons) to attend the Raja-Bhoga arati at 12:30pm and then afterwards partake of the Mahaprasad to your heart’s content. (For families of 5 or more, please contact the temple in advance so that appropriate arrangements can be made.)

. Festivals and Celebrations Throughout the calendar year, Sri Sri Radha Govinda Mandir New York celebrates many festivals such as Sri Krishna Janmastami, Deepavali, Govardhana-Puja, Radhastami, Gaura-Purnima, and so on. These festivals require much assistance, both financially and voluntarily. Please give generously and receive the special blessings of Sri Sri Radha Govinda-deva.

. New York Ratha Yatra Started in 1976, New York Ratha Yatra is one of  Sri Sri Radha Govinda Mandir most popular and dynamic festivals, attracting devotees from all over the world to participate, and of course is celebrated down New York’s Fifth Avenue, the “World’s most Famous Street”. the 3 colorful chariots carry the deities of Lord Jagannath, Lord Baladeva, and Lady Subhadra past the iconic landmarks such as the Empire State Building and New York Public Library all the way to Washington Square Park, where a ‘Festival of India’ is staged with colorful tents, informative booths, and world-class vedic entertainment is presented free of charge to thousands of festival goers and curious public. More than 5,000 plates of free prasadam are distributed through the afternoon. Your donations and sponsorships are crucial to the festival’s success.

. Sri Krishna Janmastami Kalash Puja On Sri Krishna Janmastami, the appearance day of Lord Sri Krishna, a special service opportunity is available to the devotees on this day. The Sri Krishna Janmastami Kalash Puja is a unique ceremony where Patrons can take part in the abhisheka, bathing ceremony, of the Deities as assistants to the temple priests by offering a golden kalash, vessel, with bathing substances, which will then be poured over the deities. Each Kalash requires a minimum donation of $501.00. In addition to participating in the bathing ceremony, each Patron donor will receive a gift package from the temple in commemoration of their service.

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